Sake Bar in Osaka :: Hana Sake Bar

What is hana SAKE bar?

hana SAKE bar is run by J-Hoppers Ltd. , which operates backpacker hostels, house-sharings and a travel agency in Japan. hana SAKE bar is on the ground floor of one of our hostels in downtown Osaka City (Osaka Hana Hostel ). There are a couple of reasons why we decided to start a new business, such as our hostel staff (including myself) love sake very much, and we have always been wanting a place to enjoy good sake with other world travellers. Also, the location was previously a café run by an elderly lady whom we knew well. She was very friendly, and our staff and many of our guests enjoyed her coffee and wonderful hospitality. Unfortunately, she passed away at the end of 2014. The owner of the building asked if we were interested in renting her space and we were overjoyed to take over her beloved café, hoping to continue her sincere hospitality.

We have been running backpacker hostels for more than 12 years, but we were completely newbies at managing a bar. We are excited to explore this new adventure and believe that both of our businesses will continue to carry similar characteristics such as international communication and cultural exchange.

We have replaced our front entrance with a big sliding door so that people can peep inside easily to make the bar approachable and comfortable for both locals and travellers alike. Half of the bar is laid out in a modern standing bar style so that customers can easily talk to each other. Simplistic natural wood planks have been used in many parts of the bar including the counter top and the entrance creating a down to earth chilled atmosphere. We only accept cash and all are welcome to enjoy.

We supply not only traditional sake or shochu, but also, other domestic drinks including wine, whisky, beer, vodka, and rum in a variety of brands that can be prepared for each individual. We have carefully selected each sake specifically for its great taste and flavour. You can also try our sake sampler which included three smaller portions of recommend brands. The bar is not a restaurant but you are more than welcome to try some of our local seasonal homemade Japanese tapas (obanzai).

Please feel free to come by hana SAKE bar and grab a drink. Tourists and locals, big drinkers and beginners, ladies and gentlemen, everybody is welcome (except under age). We look forward to meeting you and enjoying a fun international evening through the unique magic of renown sake brewers and the countless bacteria found within each traditional drink.

Akihito IIDA
Waiter and CEO of J-Hoppers Ltd.,