Sake bar in Osaka::hana SAKE bar


Favorite Sake: Muichibutsu
Like: Sports activity
Message: Why don't you drive by hana SAKE bar without drinking drive?
Favorite Sake: Sugi-isami, Tenpoichi
Like: Drinking, Traveling, Washing clothes,Rock Music (Favorite band is Foo Fighters)
Message: I normally work at Osaka Hana Hostel and I work at the bar once a week. I love to work both of them! We have various sake from all over Japan and I would like you to enjoy them with us! We are waiting for your visit!!
Favorite Sake: Takakiya, Soshu, Stout
Like: Travel, lose the way, old building
Message: If you don't have much time to travel Japan, shall we travel Japan by sake?
Favorite Sake: Yu-ho
Like: Cooking, Explore new places, I appreciate all music
Message: Come and try our tasty Japanese Sake and cuisine experience at the Hana Sake bar!!
Favorite Sake: Kazeno-mori, Toyo-bizin
Like: Scuba diving , Camping , Music smile emoticon
Message: No worries!! Im sure that You can enjoy Sake here;) We are waiting for you any time!!
Favorite Sake: Sugi-isami, Iwao, Sagami-nada
Like: Futsal, Reading books
Message: Welcome to hana SAKE bar, the best gateway to the true sake world!